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Traditional Gobstoppers - 350g Victorian Jar

Traditional Gobstoppers packed in an attractive Victorian style jar with screw-on top. Perfect for..

Ex Tax: £4.98

Traffic Light Fruit Flavoured Lollies - 150 Pack

Traffic Light Lollipops - three delicious fruity flavours in one lovely lolly - Approx 150 lollipops..

Ex Tax: £10.75

Tropical Jawbreakers - 30 Pack

Tropical' favoured hard candy balls with a bubble gum centre30 x 33g packs per box..

Ex Tax: £8.29

Vampire Teeth Fruit Flavoured Jellies - 1.5Ltr Tub - 600g

Dracula never had fangs like these - fruity jelly Vampire teeth! perfect for a little light bite on ..

Ex Tax: £5.83

Walkers Traditional Liquorice Toffee - 2.50 Kg Pack

If you crave for the taste of good old-fashioned liquorice toffee made in the traditional way, ..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Wham Original Raspberry Flavour Chew Bar - 60 Pack

The new, improved Wham bar - these are the original tongue tingling Raspberry flavour and they're me..

Ex Tax: £8.32

White Chocolate Flavour Mice - 750g Tub

Deliciously creamy and smooth white cream flavour White Mice. Just like you remember! Approx 750g p..

Ex Tax: £5.79

A Jar of Chocolate Coated Peanuts - 1.8 Kg Jar

A jar of Chocolate Coated Peanuts - an all time favourite - great for munching whilst watching the t..

Ex Tax: £17.08