Wedding Favours

We always carry large stocks of popular sweets suitable for Wedding Favours. And our fast delivery service means that you don't have to place your Wedding Favour order months in advance!
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A Jar of Swizzels Lovehearts - 1.5Kg Jar

Lovehearts - the ever popular sweet favourite, wrapped in mini packs and then stuffed into a large j..

Ex Tax: £16.33

Jazzies Milk Chocolate Flavour Candy Pieces - 750g Tub

Think of Jazzies as your favourite Chocolate Buttons coated on one side with delicious, crunchy Hund..

Ex Tax: £6.67

Love Hearts Lipsticks - 60 Pack

Take traditional Love Hearts and turn them into a 'lipstick' and what do you get??? - Love Hearts Li..

Ex Tax: £14.16

Love Hearts Original - 24 Pack

Original Love Hearts made by Swizzels Matlow - a classic sweet- and they still taste the same (altho..

Ex Tax: £7.46

Love Hearts Sherbet Dips - 36 Pack

A fantastic new way to enjoy Swizzels Love Hearts... These are Love Hearts Dips. Three delicious fiz..

Ex Tax: £12.50

Snowies White Chocolate Flavour Candy Pieces - 750g Tub

If you love love chocolate then you'll simply adore these Chocolate Flavour Mice in a big tub contai..

Ex Tax: £6.67

Swizzels Love Hearts - 250g Victorian Jar

Love Hearts from Swizzels have got to be one of our best selling sweets at any time of the year, no..

Ex Tax: £4.98

White Chocolate Flavour Mice - 750g Tub

Deliciously creamy and smooth white cream flavour White Mice. Just like you remember! Approx 750g p..

Ex Tax: £5.79