Sweets 'n' Candy Wholesale Confectionery

At Sweets 'n' Candy we have one of the biggest selections of sweets that you'll find anywhere - in fact, we carry over 800 different lines include a full range of Haribo and Swizzels sweets in tubs and in 3Kg Wholesale Packs, ideal for Wedding Favours, parties and events so get browsing and enjoy our selection!

Fangs ain't what they used to be! They're now even tastier! Sour Vampire Teeth are tasty jellies dus..
Ex Tax: £12.46
Dobson's Bonfire Treacle Mega Lollies - The perfect lollipops for bonfire night. Delicious treacle t..
Ex Tax: £11.25
Fizzy Jelly Snakes - what more can we say? They look like snakes, they're fizzy and sour, they taste..
Ex Tax: £5.79
Whether you want your Vampire Teeth sweet or sour, we've got them both. These particular fruity fang..
Ex Tax: £4.88
Giant Jelly Crocodiles - jelly sweets that bite back! - Well, they don't really bite, but they do ta..
Ex Tax: £4.96
Haribo Giant Yelow Bellies are much bigger than the normal Yellow Belly Snakes - more than twice as ..
Ex Tax: £5.79
Jelly Bones look disgusting but taste delicious! - they're chewy jelly sweets in the shape of... big..
Ex Tax: £5.79
These Jelly False Teeth Have got to be one of the weirdest sweets we've ever stocked! They actually ..
Ex Tax: £5.79
Fruit flavoured Jelly Brains - you could say this is food for thought?!? - great for Halloween or an..
Ex Tax: £4.79
Jelly Snakes - what more can we say? They look like snakes and they taste of fruit and not snake - d..
Ex Tax: £5.79
Our Victorian Sweet jars are manufactured from food grade material with exceptionally high level of ..
Ex Tax: £0.90
The classic favourites - Haribo Starmix, what more needs to be said? - 100 pack..
Ex Tax: £8.32
Maoam Stripes - assorted fruit flavoured chews made by Haribo so they've got to be good! - 120 per r..
Ex Tax: £4.98
Flying Saucers - a classic favourite - colourful sherbet filled saucer shaped rice-paper discs, fill..
Ex Tax: £2.88
Milk Chocolate Beans - 3Kg Bulk Pack. This is a wholesale bulk pack of sweets which is supplied in t..
Ex Tax: £19.49