Easter Sweets & Treats

Easter Eggs and Easter Sweets and Treats from all the leading manufacturers are in in stock now. Cadbury Creme Eggs, Lindt Gold Bunnies, Mars Eggs, Galaxy Eggs, Mini Chocolate Eggs... Easter never tasted so good but get them now before our stock is completely eggs-hausted!
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A Jar of Chocolate Eggs - 2 Kg Jar

A jar of Chocolate Eggs - beautifully smooth milk chocolate wrapped in a crispy candy 'egg shell' - ..

Ex Tax: £18.75

A Jar of Haribo Fried Eggs - 1.5.Kg

Fried Eggs from Haribo in a BIG 1.5Kg jar - and because they're made by Haribo, they're Gluten free,..

Ex Tax: £16.33

Milk Chocolate Candy Coated Mini Eggs - 500g Jar

Milk Chocolate Candy Coated Mini Eggs are one of our best selling lines all the year round - not jus..

Ex Tax: £6.67