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A Jar of Chocolate Coated Raisins - 2Kg Jar

A jar of Chocolate Coated Raisins - an all time favourite - great for munching whilst watching the t..

Ex Tax: £14.13

A Jar of Chocolate Eggs - 2 Kg Jar

A jar of Chocolate Eggs - beautifully smooth milk chocolate wrapped in a crispy candy 'egg shell' - ..

Ex Tax: £15.13

A Jar of Haribo Fried Eggs - 1.5.Kg

Fried Eggs from Haribo in a BIG 1.5Kg jar - and because they're made by Haribo, they're Gluten free,..

Ex Tax: £12.46

A Jar of Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts - 1.5 Kg Jar

A jar of milk chocolate coated Brazil Nuts - a classic sweet! - soft tasty brazil nuts smothered in ..

Ex Tax: £15.13

A Jar of Sour Vampire Teeth - 1.5 Kg Jar

Fangs ain't what they used to be! They're now even tastier! Sour Vampire Teeth are tasty jellies dus..

Ex Tax: £12.46

A Jar of Sugared Almonds - 1.8 Kg Jar

A jar of Sugared Almonds - a classic sweet and perfect for wedding favours or simply for munching at..

Ex Tax: £15.13

A Jar of Swizzels Lovehearts - 1.5Kg Jar

Lovehearts - the ever popular sweet favourite, wrapped in mini packs and then stuffed into a large j..

Ex Tax: £13.29

A Jar of Walkers Nutty Brazil Toffees - 1.25Kg Jar

Delicious chunks of Brazil Nuts in creamy rich Walker's toffee - all individually wrapped and packed..

Ex Tax: £14.12

Chocolate Nibbles - 3Kg Jar

Chocolate Nibbles are made from delicious pieces of milk chocolate, toffee, biscuits and nuts - they..

Ex Tax: £17.37

Fizzy Jelly Snakes - 600g Tub

Fizzy Jelly Snakes - what more can we say? They look like snakes, they're fizzy and sour, they taste..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Fizzy Sour Jelly Vampire Teeth - 1.5Ltr Tub - 600g

Whether you want your Vampire Teeth sweet or sour, we've got them both. These particular fruity fang..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Gold Coins Chocolate Money in Nets - 60 x 25g Nets

These Gold Coins Milk Chocolate Money are packed 60 nets per tub. . Approx 7 coins per net, (420 per..

Ex Tax: £20.79

Handcrafted Edwardian Rock 3Kg Bulk Pack

This traditional Edwardian fruit rock is the ideal product to remind you of your summer holidays. T..

Ex Tax: £21.66

Jazzies Milk Chocolate Flavour Candy Pieces - 750g Tub

Think of Jazzies as your favourite Chocolate Buttons coated on one side with delicious, crunchy Hund..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Jelly Bones - 750g Tub

Jelly Bones look disgusting but taste delicious! - they're chewy jelly sweets in the shape of... big..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Jelly Fruit Flavoured Brains - 120 Pack

Fruit flavoured Jelly Brains - you could say this is food for thought?!? - great for Halloween or an..

Ex Tax: £4.79

Love Hearts Lipsticks - 60 Pack

Take traditional Love Hearts and turn them into a 'lipstick' and what do you get??? - Love Hearts Li..

Ex Tax: £7.50

Love Hearts Original - 24 Pack

Original Love Hearts made by Swizzels Matlow - a classic sweet- and they still taste the same (altho..

Ex Tax: £6.70

Love Hearts Sherbet Dips - 36 Pack

A fantastic new way to enjoy Swizzels Love Hearts... These are Love Hearts Dips. Three delicious fiz..

Ex Tax: £9.50

Milk Chocolate Candy Coated Mini Eggs - 500g Jar

Milk Chocolate Candy Coated Mini Eggs are one of our best selling lines all the year round - not jus..

Ex Tax: £4.13

Mini Milk Chocolate Eggs - 3 Kg Bulk Pack

Mini Milk Chocolate Eggs - 3 Kg Bulk Pack. This is a wholesale bulk pack of sweets which is supplied..

Ex Tax: £22.14

Mini Vampire Fangs - 1.5 Ltr Tub - 600g

Our large Vampire Teeth are extremely popular all the year round for some reason and not just at Hal..

Ex Tax: £4.96

Pink & White Chocolate Flavour Mice - 750 Tub

Deliciously creamy and smooth pink strawberry flavour and white creamy chocolate flavour Mice. Just ..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Snowies White Chocolate Flavour Candy Pieces - 750g Tub

If you love love chocolate then you'll simply adore these Chocolate Flavour Mice in a big tub contai..

Ex Tax: £5.79