Mints & Mint Flavoured

Try our mints at prices that won't make you skint! Mints come in all shapes and sizes - from Giant Mint Ice Bombs to Minty Chocolate, from Trebor Soft Mints to Uncle Joe's Mint Balls - just look at look at the mountain of mouthwatering, minty morsels that we've got in stock!
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A Jar of Chocolate Flavoured Mints - 1.5 Kg Jar

A jar of Chocolate Flavoured Mints - if you've never tried these, then you're in for a suprise - the..

Ex Tax: £13.29

A Jar of Everton Mints - 1.5Kg Jar

A classic mint! - Everton Mints are the distinctive black & white striped mint that many remember fr..

Ex Tax: £12.46

A Jar of Mint Humbugs - 1.4 Kg Jar

A jar of Mint Humbugs - a classic sweet - each one individually wrapped and deliciously minty! - 1.4..

Ex Tax: £13.29

A Jar of Mint Imperials - 2 Kg Jar

A jar of Mint Imperials - the all time classic crunchy mint - 2 Kg approximate weight..

Ex Tax: £12.46

A Jar of Mintoes - 1.5Kg Jar

These are classic Mintoes with that smooth, creamy mint taste. You'll love 'em and definitely come b..

Ex Tax: £13.29

A Jar of Spearmint Chews - 1.2 Kg Jar

A classic favourite - Spearmint Chews - deliciously soft chewy mints in a big 1.2 Kg jar (approximat..

Ex Tax: £12.46

A Jar of Walkers Mint Chocolate Eclairs - 1.2Kg Jar

Walkers Mint Chocolate Eclairs are undoubtedly the best toffees you can buy. Walkers have been makin..

Ex Tax: £14.12

Everton Mints - 250g Victorian Jar

Individually wrapped, traditional Everton Mints packed in an attractive Victorian style jar with s..

Ex Tax: £4.98

Mint Imperials - 3 Kg Bulk Pack

Mint Imperials - 3 Kg Bulk Pack. This is a wholesale bulk pack of sweets which is supplied in the ma..

Ex Tax: £14.99