Let's Party

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A Jar of Mint Humbugs - 1.4 Kg Jar

A jar of Mint Humbugs - a classic sweet - each one individually wrapped and deliciously minty! - 1.4..

Ex Tax: £13.29

A Jar of Mint Imperials - 2 Kg Jar

A jar of Mint Imperials - the all time classic crunchy mint - 2 Kg approximate weight..

Ex Tax: £12.46

A Jar of Mintoes - 1.5Kg Jar

These are classic Mintoes with that smooth, creamy mint taste. You'll love 'em and definitely come b..

Ex Tax: £13.29

Assorted Fruit Flavoured Lollies - 150 Pack

A BIG jar containing 150 assorted fruit flavoured lollipops...

Ex Tax: £10.75

Candy Watches - 60 Pack

Candy Watches or Dolly Watches are the classic wearable sweets and they're now digital - Candy watch..

Ex Tax: £11.21

Jelly Bones - 750g Tub

Jelly Bones look disgusting but taste delicious! - they're chewy jelly sweets in the shape of... big..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Jelly Fruit Flavoured Brains - 120 Pack

Fruit flavoured Jelly Brains - you could say this is food for thought?!? - great for Halloween or an..

Ex Tax: £4.79

Jelly Pizza with Added Fruit Juice - 24 Pack

Pizza anyone? Well, if you fancy giving the kids a pizza when you next throw a party, then why not o..

Ex Tax: £5.30

Jelly Smiles - 120 Pack

Jelly Smiles are and assortment of individual fruit flavoured  jellies with a smiley face on each sw..

Ex Tax: £5.67

Pint Pots Fruit Flavour Jellies - 1.5 Ltr Tub -750g

Fancy a Pint? Well these Pint Pots are actually alcohol free but they really do have the flavour of ..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Swizzels Candy Whistles - 60Pack

Trust Swizzels Matlow to come up with a great sweet for parties - Candy Whistles! Now you definitely..

Ex Tax: £6.62

Swizzels Variety Retro Sweets Mixed Assortment - 3Kg pack

Swizzels Retro Sweets Mixed Assortment is a great way to enjoy all the old fashioned , traditional s..

Ex Tax: £19.80

Traffic Light Fruit Flavoured Lollies - 150 Pack

Traffic Light Lollipops - three delicious fruity flavours in one lovely lolly - Approx 150 lollipops..

Ex Tax: £10.75