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Wholesale Sweets and Sweets in Bulk at Sweets 'n' Candy

There are many websites claiming to offer wholesale sweets but really, they're often just supplying wholesale packs of sweets but at retail prices. There are very few genuine sweets wholesalers selling via the internet but you've just found one!

We like to think of ourselves as one of the few genuine sweets wolesalers. In fact, that's all we do. We don't sell sweets in small bags or loose quantites. All the sweets we sell are either in lthe full retail boxes or cases or they're in sweetshop style jars.

You don't have to be a Sweetshop to buy from us

Just because we're a sweets wholesaler it doesn't mean that you have to be a reatiler or a sweetshop to buy from us (although many of our customers are in fact sweetshops or market traders or even large corporate organisations!).

We like to think that we're bringing wholesale prices to everyone. OK, we may not always be the cheapest but we're consistent. We regularly scan all our competitors to see what they're offering and check out their prices - and then we try to beat them! Obviously, we realise that our competitiors are probably doing exactly the same but we do our best to stay one step ahead of the other websites selling sweets.

We've been around a long, long time

We're probably one of the longest established online rewholesaler of sweets there is. We've been actively wholesaling sweets sivia the internet since 2004 - that's nearly TEN years - and in internet terms, that's a long, long time.

Since we first opened our website doors in May of 2004, we've continued to grow year on year. Our website and cjanged and developed too

Wholesale and bulk sweets for businesses and corporate events

As well as supplying bulk packed sweets to the general public we also supply sweets to many major UK companies and organisations, for example we have supplied sweets to the following; Nationwide Building Society, Direct Line Insurance, British Airways, Royal Bank of Scotland, Channel 4 TV, Granada TV, Big Brother 6... the list is virtually endless - and they all keep coming back for more so we must be doing something right!

We supply bulk packs of sweets from all leading manufacturers

If you're looking wholesale packs of sweets from manufacturers such as Haribo or Swizzels, then you'll find theme all here - and at very competitive prices too

We use FedEx for a fast delivery of all sweet orders

Our sweet delivery service is second to none! - we ship all our sweet orders via the most reputable couriers using their delivery service. We also now believe that we offer the lowest shipping rates to Europe.

A fantastic choice of sweets in jars

We introduced our 'Jar of' range of sweets - this is unique to us and we believe we offer the largest range of sweets in jars anywhere on the internet - we now stock over 50 different lines, everything from Sugared Almonds, Mint Imperials, Dolly Mixtures, Bons Bons, Acid Drops, Cola Cubes, Chocolate Raisins, Liquorice Torpedoes, Mint Humbugs, etc., etc.

Highest quality - lowest prices

If you want to buy your favorite sweets, liquorice, retro and old fashioned sweets in bulk at the lowest prices on the internet - then this is THE place! We offer the highest quality sweets and candy at the lowest prices possible,

A 'real' business

Finally, we are a REAL business - that means you can talk to somebody on the telephone - it also means that you can phone us with your your sweet order if you prefer. It also means then if something goes wrong with your delivery (fortunately a rare event!) then you can talk to someone who will put it right!

So what are YOU waiting for?

Simply click your favourite category of sweet from the menu on the left and get shopping! - and don't forget to check out our extra special offers at the top of this page.