Soft & Chewy Sweets

Here's an interesting fact for you: "Gums and pastilles were first introduced in c1650, France perfected this art form and it was a French master confectioner who turned up at a confectionery factory in Yorkshire with the idea for fruit pastilles in the mid 19th century, Penny Chews were first introduced in 1870, with Chewing gum as we know it a year later." - source: Tim Richardson

Whether you like your chews to be jellies that melt in the mouth, or gums to give your jaw a real workout, you'll find them all here... and loads of other chewy sweets too.

And rest assured, we only sell the best quality traditional retro chewy gum sweets and soft jellies. 

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Squirrel Cherry Lips - 2.25Kg Jar

There are many imitators but Squirrel Cherry Lips are definitely the juiciest, tastiest and absolute..

Ex Tax: £19.12

Squirrel Floral Gums - 2.25 Kg Jar

Floral Gums - a very popular line. These are the original Floral Gums made by Squirrel. Squirrel Flo..

Ex Tax: £19.12

Stockleys Hand Cut Coconut Ice - 2Kg Pack

Remember Coconut Ice? Delicious hand cut chunks of creamy coconut with an smooth icing topping. Trad..

Ex Tax: £18.29

Strawberry Bon Bons - 3 Kg Bulk Pack

Strawberry Bon Bons - 3 Kg Bulk Pack. This is a wholesale bulk pack of sweets which is supplied in t..

Ex Tax: £25.00

Strawberry Milkshake Flavour Jellies - 750g Tub

Strawberry Milkshakes are always popular. Delicious fruity jelly pieces of juicy strawberry flavoure..

Ex Tax: £5.79

Swizzels Stinger Tutti-Fruiti Chew Bar - 60 Pack

Stinger Bars are made by Swizzels Matlow. They describe them as the "Cheekiest chew bar on the Plane..

Ex Tax: £8.21

Toffee Bon Bons - 3 Kg Bulk Pack

Toffee Bon Bons - 3 Kg Bulk Pack. This is a wholesale bulk pack of sweets which is supplied in the m..

Ex Tax: £25.00

Vampire Teeth Fruit Flavoured Jellies - 1.5Ltr Tub - 600g

Dracula never had fangs like these - fruity jelly Vampire teeth! perfect for a little light bite on ..

Ex Tax: £5.83

Wham Original Raspberry Flavour Chew Bar - 60 Pack

The new, improved Wham bar - these are the original tongue tingling Raspberry flavour and they're me..

Ex Tax: £8.32