Spring into Easter with our egg-citing sweets

Spring is here and its a good sign Summer's on its way - but let's enjoy our Easter Eggs first!

Easter Sweets and Treats

We're all egg-cited about Easter

And why not? This year we've got the biggest selection of Easter sweets and Easter Eggs ever! You'll find all your favourites such as Cadbury Creme Eggs, Lindt Chocolate Chicks, Galaxy Caramel Eggs and many, many more - just take a peep HERE


Our Range of Sweets in Bulk Bags Keeps Getting BIGGER!

Sweets in bulk bags have become a firm favourite for many of our customers. We now believe that we have the biggest and best range of sweets in bulk - amywhere! Just browse our site to see.

Haribo Sweets in Bulk 3Kg Bags

Our Haribo Bulk Bags are particularly good value at the moment and we're confident that you won't find them cheaper elsewhere. Click HERE to see the range of Haribo in bulk

3Kg Bulk Bags of Sweets Direct from the Manufacturers

Most of our bulk bags weigh around 3Kg and come sealed and labelled with 'Best Before Date' and list of ingredients.  Click HERE to see our full range of sweets in bulk bags

Wedding Favours

We always carry large stocks of popular sweets suitable for Wedding Favours. And our fast delivery service means that you don't have to place your Wedding Favour order months in advance! Click HERE to see our popular Wdding Selection


Easter Sweets and Treats at Sweets 'n' Candy

Yes, Christmas seems a long way off now and we're really looking forward to the Easter Holidays so you won't have to wait too long for an excuse to stock up on your favourite sweets and chocolates (not that most of need an excuse but an occasion such as Easter does help!).

This year, we've got our biggest range ever of Easter goodies... there's the usual favourites such as Lindt Chocolate Bunnies and Easter Lambs, Nestle Smaties Chics, Cadbury Creme Eggs... and this year Cadbury have a new line... their Egg 'n' Spoon' - this is bound to be one of this Easter's big hits - 4 delicious Cadbury Milk Chocolate Eggs filled with a creamy chocolate mousse. The pack even comes with its own spoon so you can easily dip in and enjoy you favourite chocolate fix - try them, you'll be back for more, we promise!

What's New?

We've just added a New Arrivals  section to our website where you can easily see all the delicious new sweets we've recently added to our stock. Everytime we add a new line, this section is automatically update. You'll also notice the 'New' splash banner that appears on the pictures of ome of our sweets. This again is to make it easier for our customers to identify the sweets and products that have recently been added to our store. This 'New' banner only appears on the most recently added products. We try hard to make your shopping experience at Sweets 'n' Candy much more simplier and above all.. fun! - we hope we're getting there? - if not let us know!

Join Our Sweet Debate

We've recently launched our Sweets Blog where you can discuss any sweets related topic - purely for fun - join the discussion here

Updated: 23/1/2014